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Rutland Regional Planning Commission

The Rutland Regional Planning Commission serves 27 communities and provides assistance on a range of community development activities and issues.

The RRPC provides leadership and technical expertise to encourage cooperative planning within and among the region's communities and area wide interests. more

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New due date for FY17 Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) applications - October 31, 2016!

Check out the 2016 Transportation Alternatives announcement letter by clicking the "More" button below! This year, roughly $2.2 million will be awarded for TA projects, $1.1 million of which is reserved for environmental mitigation efforts. Applications are due by October 20th, 2016. Also, TA on-line workshops are highly recommended and will be held on September 6th and 8th, 2016 as described in the 2016 TA announcement letter. MORE

How Will Every Town in Vermont Participate in the New Statewide Property Parcel Mapping Program? Informational Meeting Date & Time: 9/13/16, 6:30 PM
Meeting Location: Rutland Regional Planning Commission

Primary Information Contact: Leslie Pelch, Property Parcel Mapping Program Manager, VT Center for Geographic Information, 802-882-3002, leslie.pelch@vermont.gov

RSVP: Steve Schild, RRPC, steve@rutlandrpc.org

Your town is invited to attend an informational meeting about the new Statewide Property Parcel Mapping Program and the Parcel Data Development Project which is starting up during the fall of this year and will impact ALL towns in the following ways:

• The project, funded by VTrans, will hire mapping companies to standardize all towns’ tax map boundary data (or create it if necessary) so that it can be included in a statewide database of parcel data.

• The program will work with each town to determine the best way to ensure that annual updates occur and that the updated data is provided to the state through the program.

• All data created and updated will be available to the town and will appear on state-sponsored online mapping applications like the ANR Atlas and the E911 Viewer.

Please identify one or more appropriate representatives from your town to attend this important meeting:
• Current tax mapping manager
• Town official interested in mapping of parcels, zoning boundaries, trail, natural resources, etc.
• Town Clerk, if town’s primary concern is logistical/financial impact of program
• Everyone is welcome!

More information about the project will be posted as it becomes available at the VCGI website: http://vcgi.vermont.gov/parcels MORE

Vermont Clean Water Initiative The Vermont Clean Water Act, Act 64, passed the Vermont Legislature in 2015. The goal of this act is improve the quality of Vermont's waters and to implement the plan for a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of phosphorous loading into Lake Champlain. Resources in the form of state staffing, funding and educational outreach have been dedicated to this work. Regional Planning Commissions also have received funding to work on water quality planning and outreach. These collective activities are now referred to as the Vermont Clean Water Initiative.

For more information, visit the VT Department of Environmental Conservation's new website.

NEW Town Plan Report Template to Satisfy Requirements of T24-§4384 MORE

Smart Growth Connection Project MORE

Need Help with Welcoming Customers on Your Farm? In collaboration with a number of other groups in Vermont working on developing agritourism, the Rutland Regional Planning Commission recently helped produce the following thirteen Best Practices and How To Guides:
• Assessing Your Agritourism Potential
• Marketing
• Business and Financial Planning
• Offering High Quality On-Farm Experiences
• Safety and Risk Management
• Land Use and Zoning for Agritourism
• Develop a Farm Tour
• Develop a Farm Stand
• Develop a Farm Stay
• Develop a Pick-Your-Own Business
• Host Weddings on Your Farm
• Host Dinners on Your Farm
• How to Host Summer Camp on Your Farm

All 13 guides can be found at: http://www.uvm.edu/vtagritourism/

This publication is the result of tax-supported funding from USDA, Rural Development, and as such, is not copyrightable. It may be reprinted with the customary crediting of the source.


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