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Transportation systems govern our lives whenever we step out of buildings. The Rutland Region Transportation Planning Team helps local communities develop transportation systems that create freedom of mobility, keep us safe, reflect our community values and set the stage for considered and economically sustainable growth.

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Ethan Pepin
Ethan comes eager and ready to help Towns achieve their transportation goals! Ethan will be leading the transportation planning team for all modes with a special interest on bicycle and pedestrian planning and you may even catch him riding his bike to work or meetings!
Mapping & GIS

Creating Maps To Represent Spatial Data

At the heart of our GIS program at Rutland Regional Planning Commission is Cartography, the practice of creating maps to represent spatial data. Our skilled team produces a variety of specialized maps, each serving a distinct purpose in regional planning.

Bicycle & Pedestrian

Walking and biking are increasingly being recognized for their benefits to health, wealth and community cohesion. We help organize community groups that promote walking and biking, while working to facilitate regional connections between communities.

Safe Streets

A well-functioning transportation system is one that provides safe mobility for everyone. We provide expertise on modern safety design standards, as well as supporting low-cost ‘demonstration projects’ which allow communities to test a safety improvement without the full expense of construction.


We help plan and facilitate the functioning of the region’s transit systems, from ‘The Bus’ (Marble Valley Regional Transit), to various microtransit programs which provide mobility to all the corners of our region where fixed bus routes don’t go.

Data Collection & Analysis

Data collection and analysis form the bedrock of the transportation planning program. Good decision making comes from a full understanding of problem. In service of this mission, we collect data on traffic, measure bike and pedestrian activity, and assess regional assets like culverts and sidewalks.

Technical Assistance

As time marches ever forward, technology advances, design standards evolve, and new laws are enacted. We are here to help provide the technical expertise needed for communities to thrive in and adapt to the modern world.
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