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Regional Planning

Regional Planning is guided by an overall vision or concept of what makes a place great? It is an expression of possibility; it reflects what people want to see happen in their community; now and in the future. The purpose of the Rutland Regional Plan is to provide a guide for managing change within the Region and a framework within which individuals, businesses, and local governments can make decisions regarding land use areas planned for conservation or growth.

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Devon is excited to continue the RRPC's legacy of collaboration in creating strong local economies and vibrant communities. Devon will grow and lead the RRPC by keeping the focus on our Towns and supporting our top-notch planning staff.
Land Use Shapes Our Region

Promote Land Use Practices

The Rutland Region is shaped by land use- by how we, as communities, use the land we have.

At the RRPC we promote land use practices that:

  1. Protect people and the environment;
  2. Promote economic vitality;
  3. Create community resilience;
  4. Enhance the quality and sense of place;
  5. Support social interaction;
  6. Enable healthy lifestyle opportunities;
  7. Create freedom and choice in mobility;
  8. Reduce infrastructure costs and build the tax base;
  9. Build equitable housing options;
  10. And encourage welcoming and inclusive communities.
Regional Planning - Land Use
Act 250 & Section 248

Regional Committee Review

RRPC Commissioners play an important role in the review of large-scale development projects.

Regional planning commissions have a duty to provide comment on regionally significant projects, that because of size, location, or type of development require an Act 250 (land use) or Section 248 (energy generation) permit.

The RRPC Regional Committee reviews all applications for conformance with the Rutland Regional Plan and provide comments to the Act 250 Commission or Public Utility Commission.

Act 250 & Section 208

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Our Cornerstone

The Regional Plan

The plan articulates a vision for the Rutland Region, one that reflects the priorities and values of our Towns. Download a copy of the Regional Plan:


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