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Project & Grant Management

We help towns focus on the project, not the administration, so that the real work can get done. Towns often have limited staff capacity to manage the administrative burden of state and federal grants, but the RRPC provides support to encourage Towns to seek grant funding for transformative projects.

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Steffanie Bourque
Steffanie is as sharp as they come and we're excited to have her lead our new Municipal Project Manager (MPM) program. Steffanie manages dozens of transformative scoping and construction projects throughout the Region.
Municipal Project Management

Support From Concept To Completion

Utilizing grant funds is easy when the RRPC manages your project.

The RRPC can serve as a Municipal Project Manager (MPM) for state funded (typically from Vermont Agency of Transportation) grants without the hassle of a complicated procurement process. The MPM is hired (with grant dollars) to work with, and support, the municipalities to navigate the state and federal Project Development Process for construction or scoping projects.

The RRPC procures consultants or contractors, coordinates with state agencies and local partners, facilitates meetings, and completes grant administration reporting and reimbursements.

Municipal Project Management
RRPC Procurement

We make it easy and simple

Management grant funded projects is hard, but contracting with the RRPC doesn’t have to be!

Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Selectboard formally approves the RRPC to serve as MPM.
  2. The RRPC completes the candidate questionnaire and resume for VTrans.
  3. VTrans approves the RRPC.
  4. The RRPC prepares a cost estimate and scope of work for the Town.
  5. The Town approves and work begins!
RRPC Procurement
Management & Technical Assistance

Your Go-To Resource

RPC is your town’s low-cost, high-value resource to help the local planning commission get the job done.

Paperwork, spreadsheets, and online portals suck up valuable hours for town employees and volunteers. RRPC will help towns identify funding sources, write grants, and manage the grant’s execution and reporting.

Linked below are a handful of the popular grants that we help towns apply for and manage.

Management & Technical Assistance

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Resources/ Publications

Information at your fingertips

The RRPC has the most accurate and up-to-date information to save you time, effort, and money in all your local planning endeavors.



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