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Mapping & Data Analysis

At RRPC, we leverage the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage, analyze, and visually represent geographic and spatial data for the Rutland region. GIS is not just about maps; it’s a multidisciplinary toolset that offers an innovative way to extract and present insights from complex data, supporting informed decision-making across our region. Our team is equipped with a diverse set of skills that allow us to provide you with specialized Mapping and GIS as well as Data Collection and Analysis.

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Nic Stark
Our GIS Planner, Nic Stark, is your point of contact for all mapping and data analysis needs. Nic is eager to discuss how our tools and expertise can enhance your project or application.
Mapping & GIS

Creating Maps To Represent Spatial Data

At the heart of our GIS program at Rutland Regional Planning Commission is Cartography, the practice of creating maps to represent spatial data. Our skilled team produces a variety of specialized maps, each serving a distinct purpose in regional planning.

Land Use Maps

These maps depict how land in our region is currently used, such as residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial areas, helping us to monitor and plan future land use changes effectively.

Zoning Maps

We create detailed zoning maps that illustrate different zoning regulations across the region, guiding development in a way that aligns with our region's goals.

Transportation Maps

Our maps also showcase transportation networks, including roads, public transit routes, and pedestrian paths. These maps are essential for improving our region's transportation and connectivity.

Demographic Maps

Using demographic data, we create maps that show population distribution, density, and other social characteristics. These are crucial for public service planning and economic development.

Environmental Maps

We produce maps highlighting environmental factors, like watersheds, floodplains, and green spaces. These are critical for environmental planning and conservation efforts.

Story Maps

Beyond static maps, we create interactive story maps that combine GIS data with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. This provides an engaging way to communicate complex data and insights.
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Data Collection & Analysis

A Guide To Your Decisions and Strategies

We don’t just provide the data; we can help you develop systems to collect it as well.

Our team combines data from different sources and scales, and performs complex analyses and data visualization to extract actionable insights, helping guide your decisions and strategies.


We provide detailed geographic analysis for things like slope and flood hazards. Our insights can help you understand the potential risks and design appropriate measures for land use, development and emergency planning.

Data Collection

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Whether you’re a public body or a private enterprise, we’re here to cater to your specific needs. Reach out to us via our Intake Form to discuss your requirements. From routine GIS services to custom mapping and analysis, we ensure you receive high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

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