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Clean Water Service Provider

The Clean Water Service Provider (CWSP) for the South Lake Champlain (Basin 2/4) is a partnership of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC) and Poultney Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District (PMNRCD). Together we allocate funding from the VT Agency of Natural Resources for clean water projects to meet pollution reduction targets.  In Lake Champlain, the pollutant of concern is phosphorus. Guiding us through the project selection process is the Basin Water Quality Council (BWQC).

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Act 76, Water Quality Rule

The RRPC understands the regulatory framework that guides water quality policies, programs, and funding.

In 2016, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new phosphorus pollution limits for Lake Champlain by establishing TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Load) due to elevated concentrations of phosphorus in the lake, read more here.

In 2019, the Vermont State Legislature passed Act 76. This Act mandates funding for non-regulatory (voluntary) clean water projects, establishes phosphorus reductions goals for basins, and creates regional organizations called Clean Water Service Providers (CWSP). Act 76 establishes a new system of funding and local decision making. For more information, read here.

In 2021, the Clean Water Service Provider Rule was made effective in Environmental Protection Rule chapter 39. Find out more here.

Basin Projects

South Lake Champlain Watershed Map

Use the map below to see projects funded by the South Lake Champlain CWSP.
Project Eligibility

Rubber Meets The Road/P-Score, CWIP

The South Lake Champlain CWSP currently has approximately $978,000 available to fund eligible projects.

Project funding is distributed to CWSPs using a formula based on phosphorus reduction targets reflecting the severity of water quality problems and standardized costs.

Projects must be in keeping with Act 76 and cannot be required by a permit (10 VSA, Chapter 47), or subject to the requirements of Vermont Agricultural Water Quality statutes (6 V.S.A, Chapter 215). For a comprehensive definition of project eligibility, refer to the Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) FY23 funding policy issued December 2022.

Basin Water Quality Council

Membership & Meeting Resources

A set of BWQC meetings is held quarterly. Every three months the BWQC meets to review project applications followed a month later with a meeting to vote on projects.

For South Lake Champlain CWSP, current BWQC members are:

Katy Crumley, Poultney Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District
Rob Terry, Bennington Natural Resources Conservation District
Robert Richards, Rutland Regional Planning Commission board member
Mike Winslow, Addison County Regional Planning Commission
Shayne Jaquith, The Nature Conservancy
Erin Rodgers, Trout Unlimited
Adam Piper, Vermont Land Trust
Paul Donaldson, Poultney Town Manager
Second municipality position currently open
A set of BWQC meetings is held quarterly. Every three months the BWQC meets to review project applications followed a month later with a meeting to vote on projects.



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CWSP staff (PMNRCD & RRPC) available to meet with municipalities and non-profits to help identify and develop potential CWSP projects; conduct site visits; determine phosphorus reductions; prepare Request for Projects applications; and for assistance in managing projects.

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