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The Rutland Regional Plan

A Vision For The Future

A cornerstone of our work is the Regional Plan — Document written by RRPC with input from our board.

The plan articulates a vision for the Rutland region. It’s a valuable instrument that holistically guides growth and captures trends. The purpose of the Rutland Regional Plan is to provide a guide for managing change within the Region and a framework within which individuals, businesses, and local governments can make decisions regarding growth and development.

We are hard at work updating sections of the plan and keeping a pulse on laws and rulings that impact the plan’s governing strength.

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A Resource For Towns

Rutland County communities can count on RRPC to provide the tools and information they need to make smart decisions about land use, economic development, energy, transportation, emergency management and more.
Meeting Materials

A Platform For Ideas

We create opportunities and provide space for people to learn, to share and to come together around topics that matter and impact our lives, including board of commissioners, regional committee, transportation advisory committee, and basin water quality council.

We archive all of our monthly meetings, access to our recent monthly meeting minutes, reports and future agendas below:

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Our Communities

Upholding The Vermont Way of Life

Rutland County is made up of 28 towns in southwestern Vermont. RRPC has responsibility for 27 of these towns — a jurisdiction referred to as the Rutland Region.

Move your mouse cursor over the map or choose from the option below to discover more about each town in the region of Rutland:


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About Us

Cooperative Planning In The Region of Rutland

Rutland Regional Planning Commission is a high-value, low-cost resource for communities.

We have lots of pans in the fire and an eye to future. We care about our communities and economic development is the heartbeat of our work. Speaking of work, we take ours seriously but we like to have fun while we get it done.

Our passion and expertise can be put to work in your community. Rutland Regional Planning Commission will work with your town to plan for the here and now, and for the future.

More About RRPC

Special Projects and Programs

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A Collaborative Approach

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News & Updates

FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) – Regional Status Update

Date posted: May 1, 2024
FEMA is updating the region’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) with new maps expected in early 2027, after a 5-step process occurs. View our latest info on your town’s Flood Map update status and learn about the revision process. 
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Public Input Needed

Fair Haven Downtown Improvement Project Community Meetings

Date posted: May 1, 2024
The Town of Fair Haven received a grant to revitalize the downtown block from Liberty Street to the Fair Haven Library and is in the engineering design phase. The project purpose is to modernize downtown while focusing on improvements to traffic and pedestrian safety. The Town is hosting a public meeting to explain the project […]
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Request for Project


Date posted: May 1, 2024
Funding Qualification Rounds update: Next Call for Proposals: 4/30/2024 Proposal Due Date: 5/17/2024 The South Lake Clean Water Service Provider is pleased to announce a new round of requests for projects (RFP) for projects with the primary function of reducing phosphorus levels in this basin. There is approximately $800,000 of funds each year to accomplish […]
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Planning Now, and Tomorrow

RRPC will work with your town to plan for the here and now, and for the future. Contact us today to get started!
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