Tinmouth, VT

Tinmouth is rural life at its finest. It blends community and individualism seamlessly. And what epitomizes rural Vermont more than the Tinmouth game supper? There’s an old fire house that now houses regular live performances and has acoustics like, whoa. A model community center, which is also part of the elementary school, is a hub of activity all year long and offers everything from contra dancing in the dead of winter to kid’s camp in the heat of summer. Tinmouth is also home to a professional hockey player, Tinmouth Pond, a snack bar, and a super-fun playground.  

Town Office: 9 Mountain View Road ♦ 515 North End Road, Tinmouth, VT 05773

Hours: M, Th 8:00 - Noon & 1:00 - 5:00; S 9:00 - Noon

Phone: (802) 446-2498

Fax: (802) 446-2498

Clerk: tinmouthtown@vermontel.net
Website: tinmouthvt.org


Population: 538
Median Age: 50
Poverty Level: 10%
Avg. Household Size: 2.41
Median Household Income: $57,024


Total Units: 326
Avg. Year Built: 1976
Rental Rate: 15%
Ownership Rate: 85%
Seasonal Units: 31%
Avg. Sale Price: $141,000

Employment & Industry

Education, Services, Healthcare: 26%
Manufacturing: 11%
Ag., Farms: 11%

Ann. Avg. Wage: $22,663
Avg. Commute: 27 min.


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