Proctor, VT

Proctor was home to Vermont Marble Company, which was considered the largest U.S. corporation in the world in the early 1900’s. Proctor became a melting pot of employees from Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Italy and many east European countries.  The company’s legacy plays a predominant role in Proctor’s aesthetic and culture. A momentous marble bridge spans the Otter Creek. Churches, the town office, homes’ foundations, even the fire station are constructed from marble. Wisps of Polish are still heard, passed between those of a certain generation and a good pierogi is something to be proud of.  Though, there’s more to Proctor than its marble-rich history. The biggest waterfall in the state, Southerland Falls, is in Proctor. The Wilson Castle draws thrill-seekers from each corner of the state every Halloween. Four state governors have come from Proctor. And they have a cool, tight little downtown core and sweeping village green.

Town Office: 45 Main Street, Proctor, VT 05765

Hours: M - F 8:00 - 4:00

Phone: (802) 459-3333

Fax: (802) 459-2356



Population: 1,614
Median Age: 47
Poverty Level: 5%
Avg. Household Size: 2.43
Median Household Income: $48,636


Total Units: 795
Avg. Year Built: 1941
Rental Rate: 23%
Ownership Rate: 77%
Seasonal Units: 2%
Avg. Sale Price: $137,840

Employment & Industry

Education, Services, Healthcare: 34%
Prof., Science, Mgmt.: 10%
Retail: 10%

Ann. Avg. Wage: $44,849
Avg. Commute: 20 min.


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