Mapping & GIS

RRPC is the regional mapping and GIS service center for Rutland County.

We make high-quality maps with cutting edge-data that help to answer questions and inform decision-making by presenting data in a way that is quick to understand and easy to share. We also work closely with our colleagues at State level, including the Vermont Center for Geographic Information, (VCGI), VTrans, Vermont Agency of Natural Resouces, and Vermont's departments of Health and Public Safety to name a few.

All in a day's work

We offer state-of-the-art mapping and GIS data services to our member towns to support local planning and projects, and to private and nonprofit firms to support projects and funding applications. Our mapping and GIS experts can create the visual tools that towns and organizations need in a variety of formats.  We believe in being a low-cost, high-value resource. Our maps will cost you less and be on point.


Maps can be simple or complex. Quick examples include zoning maps, watershed maps, thematic maps of cultural resources, maps that show what’s where, like streets and rivers, and that all-important future land use map. Map geeks: orthophotos and LIDAR data are part of our toolkit.


GIS, or Geographic Information System, is software that uses data to capture, manage, analyze, and display all forms of information to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. For example, development trends can be shown by using the number of structures erected in a specific area over a defined period.

Let's work together

Routine Services 

These are the general things we do for dues-paying towns, like village center maps, culvert inventories, town plan maps, and flood hazard mapping.

Contract Services

Towns can contract with us for services above or beyond the “normal”. Developers, private entities, and citizens are encouraged to hire our mapping and GIS services, too. We can create current use maps, hiking and biking trail maps, and site-specific mapping tailored to your individual needs. 

Give us a call! We’d love to talk with you about how our products can enhance your next project or application.

Steve Schild (802) 775-0871 x 204

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