Better Roads

This state program (formerly known as Better Back Roads) provides funding for town road projects to lower maintenance costs and improve water quality—mainly erosion control. There are four categories of Better Roads funding.

Category AUp to $8,000 and a 20% local match

This is to inventory road-related erosion and culvert problems; identify and prioritize problem areas and develop a Capital Budget plan that describes how these problems will be addressed over time, generally five-year span. 

We are already working in the trenches with local road crews to do culvert and road surface inventories; identifying areas of erosion or other problem spots and putting together capital budget plans.  As a result, it is very easy for RRPC to help towns with both the grant application and project deliverables.

Category BUp to $20,000 and a 20% local match

This is to correct road-related erosion problems, and/or stormwater mitigation retrofits for gravel and paved roads. Rock or grass-lined ditching is a frequent project, but funds can also be used for things like road drainage turnouts, rain gardens, and green stormwater infrastructure.

Category CUp to $40,000 and a 20% local match

This is to correct stream bank or slope-related problems, including stream bank stabilization, slope stabilization, and retaining walls/stacked walls.

Category D Up to $40,000 and a 20% local match

This is to upgrade culverts and structures, including replacing undersized culverts or structures (usually a box culvert); replacing culverts/structures, and culvert head cuts and gully stabilization in direct proximity to the roadway.

RRPC is happy to help with applications for all Better Roads categories.

We can provide maps, cost estimates, letters of support, and technical assistance. Give Steve Schild a call today for help or to get answers to questions. Please visit the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s website for complete information about the Better Roads program and for grant forms. 

Steve Schild ♦ (802) 775-0871 x 204

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