Act 250 & Section 248

Act 250

Act 250 is Vermont's Land Use and Development Act. The law passed in 1970 by the Vermont legislature is designed to mitigate the effects of development through an application process that addresses the environmental and community impacts of projects that exceed a threshold in size.

We review all applications for conformance with the Ruland Regional Plan and provide comments to the Act 250 District Commission.


Act 250 Update: The Next 50 Years

In 2017, the Vermont Legislature passed Act 47 which created a commission of six legislators to “review the vision for Act 250 adopted in the 1970s and its implementation with the objective of ensuring that, over the next 50 years, Act 250 supports Vermont’s economic, environmental, and land use planning goals.” The Commission's process included three phases: information gathering; public engagement; and report preparation. 

In January 2019, the Commission released the final report, Report of the Commission on Act 250: The Next 50 Years.  The report offers recommendations that focus on climate change, floodway and ecoysystem protection criteria, and downtown and historic village designations. In addition, the report proposes major revisions to Act 250 jurisdiction and the appeals process.

The final report and proposed legislation is expected to go before the General Assembly for a vote in 2019.


Section 248

Section 248 is similar to Act 250 except only used for electric generation and telecommunication facilities. A Certificate of Public Good issued by the Public Utility Commission is required be a project begins.

We review all applications for conformance with the Ruland Regional Plan and provide comments to the Public Utility Commission.


Officially speaking:

Regional planning commissions have a duty to provide comment on regionally significant projects, that because of size, location, or type of development require an Act 250 (land use), § 248 (energy generation), or § 248a (communications facility) permit.24 V.S.A. Section 4345a. We review all applications brought before us and bring them before the Regional Committee for consideration.


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