Steffanie Bourque

Emergency Management Planner

Steffanie is as sharp as they come and we're excited to have her leading our Emergency Management program! When not guiding towns through stormy weather, she is helping them become more resilient through her work in hazard mitigation and transportation planning.
Email (802) 775-0871 x 206

Ed Bove, AICP

Executive Director

Ed steers RRPC toward the future with a steady hand and a vision. He ensures that staff has the support they need to do a great job, and keeps to his planning roots by staying involved with town planning, the Regional Plan, brownfields redevelopment, and Act 250/Section 248 Reviews.
Email ♦ (802) 775-0871 x 208

Devon Neary

Transportation Planner

Devon is the RRPC's Transportation extraordinaire. Planes, trains, and automobiles (and bikes and pedestrians), you name it, he is on it to make sure all modes are integrated to create long-term sustainable growth for Rutland Region towns.
Email (802) 775-0871 x 203

Barbara Noyes Pulling, CFM

Senior Planner

Barbara is our resident water quality and energy expert. In these fields, she works on a regional and local level to meet state laws, goals, and policies. Barbara also focuses on town plans and regional plan updates. (We’re not sure how she does it all, either!)
Email♦ (802) 775-0871 x 207

Amanda O'Connor

Community Planner

We were so lucky to snatch Amanda from a warm climate to lead our Community Planning Program. She can assist towns with anything from Village Center designations and town plans, to workforce development. Don't be surprised to see her in one of your towns...after she gets snow tires.
Email (802) 775-0871 x 202

Steve Schild

GIS Manager and Transportation Planner

Steve plays a critical role in all planning activities by producing high-quality, data-driven maps. You can often find Steve out in the field or in a ditch conducting culvert inventories. He also makes sure that the secret candy stash is well-stocked.
Email ♦ (802) 775-0871 x 204

Mary Kay Skaza

Assistant Director/Finance Manager

Mary Kay is ‘mission control’ for the office. She makes sure our finances are in tip-top shape and that all HR needs are met.
Email ♦ (802) 775-0871 x 201

Van Purcell

Field Technician

Van is our field tech extraordinaire and can do it all with more than 30 years of field inventory experience. You are likely see Van in his bright yellow RRPC vest doing culvert and road erosion inventories throughout the Rutland Region! Feel free to give him a honk and a wave when you drive by!

Eric Hall

Regional Planner

Eric can do it all as our new utility planner! Eric will be leading our new municipal project management program to guide Towns through large-scale projects. He is also assisting with our emergency management and business administration programs. Email ♦ (802) 775-0871 x 205

Sarah Pelkey

Regional Planner

Sarah is our new economic development and town planning guru! Sarah comes to us after years of planning experience in both the public and private sector, working on projects such as Better Connections - Island Pond. Sarah is also working part-time as the economic development coordinator for the Town of Poultney. Email

Chris Ettori

Workforce Investment Board

Chris is a part time economic development planner focused on supporting the Rutland Region Workforce Investment Board.
Email (802) 775-0871

Julie Peck

Office Administrator

Julie is the RRPC’s part-time Office Administrator providing office support, including handling the annual requests for Certifications and Town Updates.
Email (802) 775-0871 x 212

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