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Village Designation

Village center designation, as provided for in 24 V.S.A. chapter 76A was created by the legislature in 2002 to recognize and encourage local efforts to revitalize Vermont's traditional centers. Towns request designation for their village center to the Vermont Downtown Board.

The boundary must be consistent with the following statutory definition:

"Village Center" means a traditional center of the community, typically comprised of a cohesive core of residential, civic, religious, and commercial buildings, arranged along a main street and intersecting streets.  Industrial uses may be found within or immediately adjacent to these centers.

Other defining characteristics include:

  • Traditional center of socio-economic activity,
  • The center, or core area of the village, which often will be different, and smaller, than the village (municipal) boundary.  The boundary should be drawn around the traditional anchor points such as the post office, commercial buildings, town hall, churches and other public buildings that typically comprise the center of a village.
  • Development densities should be uninterrupted, although there may be some public space, like a park of green, within a village center.  Development is consistently more compact than development outside the village center,
  • Pedestrian oriented rather than auto oriented.
  • Commercial (and industrial, if it exists) activities should be within and part of the traditional development pattern not on the outskirts.  Areas that are primarily residential or industrial should not be included within the village boundary.
  • Smaller scale than a downtown, but often with a mix of uses that can be similar to downtowns,
  • Unique character within the designated area, evolved over time, reflecting a community's economic, social and cultural changes.  The center is also defined by the activities that take place there.

Village Center Designation Application Requirements

Business Owner Education Packet

Benson Village Designation Boundary Map
Belmont Village Designation Boundary Map
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