Workforce Investment Board




The Rutland Region Workforce Improvement Board (RRWIB) vision for the Rutland Region is to be competitive in a global marketplace with a world class workforce where every person maximizes their career potential and every employer has access to the human resources they need.

In support of this vision, the RRWIB’s mission is to ensure that Rutland County’s entire workforce system meets employers’ needs for skilled workers and workers’ needs for career, economic, and educational advancement. 

Created in 1996 through an act of the Vermont State Legislature (VT H429), WIBs were formed to be the voice of business in the areas of education and training.

Originally, the RRWIB was authorized and funded by Vermont Department of Labor to identify workforce education and training needs and to coordinate delivery of programs in the Rutland Region to meet those needs.​

Today, the RRWIB is funded through donations from Rutland Region employers, organizations, and individuals as well as grants. The RRWIB board meets quarterly and the executive committee meets monthly, both working to identify and connect regional needs and resources.

The WIB is a 501C3 organization. The Board of Directors is comprised 50% of business leaders and 50% of educational and community service organization leaders.



Employers in the region can participate in this May 29th virtual job fair happening in partnership with the RRWIB and the Rutland Chamber of Commerce. For more information visit the Chamber's website. This recorded job fair where employers share the jobs they are currently hiring for in the region will be sent out to high school counselor's to distribute to Rutland Region students.


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