Our Vision + The Rutland Region

Land use shapes our region

The Rutland region is shaped by land use—by how we, as communities, use the land we have. At RRPC, we promote land use practices that:
  1. Create great public and private places.
  2. Protect the environment.
  3. Provide long-lasting value and build the tax base.
  4. Support social interaction.
  5. Enable freedom and choice in mobility.
  6. Enable healthy lifestyle opportunities.
  7. Reduce infrastructure expenses.
  8. Reduce traffic deaths.
  9. Reduce cost of living.
  10. Make our communities unique.


Upholding the Vermont way of life on a human scale is important. We achieve this by hearing and balancing local desires; educating citizens and partners about land use practices; and by working with towns, developers, and local partners to ensure that the best practices are implemented.If you feel inspired to participate in local or regional planning or want to learn more about land use or our work, please visit us in The Opera House or give Ed a call.


Ed Bove, Executive Director ♦ (802) 775-0871 x 208



The Rutland Regional Plan 


Adopted June 19, 2018

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Rutlalnd Regional Plan Conver

Demographic Info

Population: 61,642
Median Age: 44
Poverty Level: 13%
Avg. Household Size: 2.28
Median Household Income: $49,271

Housing Data

Total Units: 33,742
Avg. Year Built: 1968
Rental Rate: 30%
Ownership Rate: 70%
Seasonal Units: 17%
Avg. Sale Price: $160,000

Employment & Industry

Education, Services, Healthcare: 27%
Retail: 14%
Manufacturing: 11%

Ann. Avg. Wage: $39,553
Avg. Commute: 21 min.


Cooperative planning in the region.

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