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 Local Emergency Planning Committee #2 (LEPC2)

LEPC2 Background

The Rutland Region Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC2) operates with the assistance of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission and under the authority of the State Emergency Response Commission. LEPC2 is a regional organization with responsibilities established by Federal and Vermont statute. These duties relate to assisting communities to plan for and respond to “all hazards” (natural and human-caused) incidents.

LEPC2 is made up of and dedicated to serving the first responders and support organizations operating in the Rutland Region of Vermont. LEPC2 engages in planning and preparation activities for incidents of all kinds. It works to facilitate communication and coordination amongst the wide variety of organizations concerned with public safety and hazardous materials. The LEPC also helps to educate the residents of the region with safety information and tips on emergency preparedness.

LEPC2 is not a response agency and does not replace any local response agency. Rather, it is meant to further local and regional emergency planning so that plans are coordinated and exercised. LEPC meetings serve as useful venues for sharing information, networking among responders from differing disciplines, and providing educational programs. LEPC2 meetings are open to the public and we welcome new members; please feel free to join any meeting!

LEPC2 Meetings

Regular Meetings:

June 15, 2017: Agenda 

May 18, 2017: Agenda, Unapproved Minutes

Mar 23, 2017: Agenda, Minutes 

Feb 16, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

Jan 19, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

Dec 15, 2016: Agenda, Minutes

Nov 16, 2016: Agenda, Minutes

Oct 26, 2016: Agenda, Minutes

Sep 21, 2016: Agenda, Minutes

Jun 2, 2016: Agenda, Minutes 


Executive Committee Meetings 

Mar 20, 2017: Agenda

Feb 14, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

Jan 10, 2017: Agenda, Minutes

Dec 13, 2016: Agenda, Minutes

Nov 8, 2016: Agenda, Minutes

Oct 11, 2016: Agenda, Minutes 

Sep 13, 2016 Agenda

Aug 9, 2016: Agenda

Jul 11, 2016: Agenda

Jun 14, 2016: Agenda



Mini Tabletop Exercises

Since 2005, the LEPC has conducted more than 30 mini tabletop exercises throughout the region in partnership with schools, businesses, and first responders. Each workshop fills a critical need: to prepare community leaders before an emergency happens. The 60-minute discussions are focused on a plausible and dangerous scenario, but the atmosphere is kept informal and open. These exercises won a NADO Innovation Award for their ingenuity and cost effectiveness. A sampling of past mini tabletop presentations are below; for copies of other presentations contact the RRPC at 802-775-0871.

Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region- Hostile Patient, March 2014

Amtrak Train Derailment in Rutland, February 2013

Fair Haven Chemical Release near High School, April 2012

Mendon Tanker Spill, February 2008

Rutland Region Emergency Management Guide 

In 2014 and early 2015, the LEPC2 updated its emergency management guide and hazardous materials plan for the region. A seminar on the guide was held in April of 2014, a workshop was held in September, and a draft guide was reviewed by LEPC2 members in November of 2014. A public hearing on the guide was held on April 15, 2015, and the LEPC2 adopted the guide on that date. Please download the final adopted Rutland Region Emergency Management Guide by clicking here.


For more information about the LEPC2, please contact RRPC at 802-775-0871.

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